Innovation & strategy

Formulating a strategy is still useful, in an increasingly disruptive and unpredictable environment? Is innovation a strategic activity in companies and organizations? How to merge innovation and strategy?

Today, innovation has more strategic weight than ever. In other words, the strategy should be more innovative every day.


A quick assessment of your innovation management.

The self-assessment aims to determine the situation in which your company or organization is, regarding its management and capacity for innovation and its innovative culture.


Innovate agilely

Innovation is the result of a strategic process, with a continuous flow of projects and programs that channels the resources and methods necessary to bring them to a successful conclusion.

It’s a management process. An open process that can be designed, implemented and improved in all companies and organizations.

The management of the innovation process favors the creation of an «innovative culture», helps companies and people to take decisions about risks, benefits and associated strategic value. Agile innovation is based on the active fusion of these two concepts:

Innovation + Agility = Agile Innovation

Agility is introducing the concept of value and flow in all processes

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Collaborative and transformative innovation for SMEs

It is often difficult for SMEs to start innovating, and to make a leap in the professionalization of management in order to gain dimension and grow, and thus be more profitable and competitive with a clear and sustainable future. How to deal with it from collaborative and transformative innovation? Internal collaboration. Open innovation and cooperation. Strategic fit and roadmap. Errors, obstacles…
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Innovation in Europe: regional and global. (EIS and RIS 2023)

We summarize the results of the European Innovation Scoreboard, (EIS 2023), including the regional analysis of the EU, Regional Innovation Scoreboard, (RIS 2023) and the global comparison with other countries. The most extensive analysis, which also includes 11 other European countries, shows that Switzerland is Europe’s innovation leader. At the global level, the EU has reduced the distance with some of the…
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Direction and project management

Organizational aspect: Transversal organization by projects. It is a fact that organizations are generating more projects. Regardless of the need, automation and the so-called “digital transformation” mean that the amount of routine work is constantly decreasing and project work is increasing. Consequently, it is necessary to increase the preparation and capacity for the direction and management of projects.
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Innovation & strategy

Formulating a strategy is still useful in an increasingly disruptive and unpredictable environment? Is innovation a strategic activity in companies and organizations? How to merge innovation and strategy? Innovation currently has more strategic weight than ever. In other words, strategy must be more innovative every day.
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Orchestrating the future (2)

If the organs of power of the company decide or should decide on innovation and strategy, in this 2nd part we are going to consider some different forms of corporate governance. Which means: Who is responsible for orchestrating innovation and strategy with short-term operations?
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Accelerating the flow of innovation as a business strategy.

Agile Innovation Course, 2023

“Our innovation flow is normally made up of between 15 and 20 projects. Of these, some will meet the expected objectives and others will not. The latter have consumed lost resources that will need to be recovered with other projects.

This course is the one that has helped us the most to not waste resources and considerably increase the % of final successes…”

12 topics for entrepreneurs

They all have customer origin and destination and a focus on design. For this we offer help and training…

Course in 12 independent modules of three hours each. Organized on demand.


Active courses and workshops

These active courses and workshops are intended for a team from your own organization to put into practice the concepts that we make available to you.

They are being carried out since 2005, but they are redesigned and perfected annually based on the experiences acquired with the participating companies and organizations. All can be tailored specifically to your business needs.

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