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12 topics relevant to entrepreneurs:

In recent months I’ve participated in many meetings and events, for the creation of new companies and related to new entrepreneurs.

There is a rush from all institutions, to encourage people to create new businesses. 12 tem en But in our culture and environment it is not easy, nor by the people who are supposed be starting a new business project, or by barriers to be overcome if you decide to go ahead with this project.

Neither the environment nor culture, nor the administration, they will facilitate the process. Especially in regards to financing and credit support to new projects.

As for the people, what is striking is the lack of training in basic business issues and loneliness that must be confronted with decisions that can then be crucial.

Perhaps for this reason, it is also true that a great interest in knowing what are the basic skills and processes that an entrepreneur must implement to the success of his initial idea is detected.

Fruit of experience in business and the detected interest in many of these acts, 12 Topics that have attracted the greatest interest in all sessions are presented here, and we have delved into the basic concepts that should be taken into account, to carry out a successful business project.

These concepts are already applied in many companies looking to become more efficient in an environment of crisis and accelerated change, but also serve to create a new company from the beginning. With the advantage that no initial or acquired barriers or habits except in the mind of the founder or entrepreneur. It is essential to take a holistic view of the enterprise from the start. Integrating innovation, design,[1] customer experience, value proposition and vision of the total supply chain process, in one single management process designed so agile. Insist on the main challenges: Internationalization, i.e. looking outwards even though if going to operate locally, innovation and agility.

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[1] Design Thinking. Ed. by Thomas Lockwood. 2010. ISBN: 13-978-1-58115-668-3


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