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Agile innovation. A process to renew the company

The challenge is to innovate agilely.

Whether to provide a continuous flow of new products or services to our market segment, or for an internal renewal of processes, or to quickly renew our positioning in the global market.
It is about achieving the differentiating factor in the company to achieve an increase in performance and at the same time provide an agile process for it.


Create an agile process of innovation that involves everyone.
Significantly improve development times, yields, resource utilization, delays and failures:

Development time 40-60%
Reduce launch errors 50 – 80%
Reduce investment losses 50 – 80%
Increase productivity 25 -35%
New products or services + 100%

As a result, increase successes in launches and revenue for new products, by improving internal processes and new perspectives.

Have a proven process and able to optimize their capacity for innovation and obtain the results described in the objectives. Increase the management capacity of people and R & D & I teams

The results of innovation and also its three main approaches:

  • Innovate in products or services. Do something new
  • Innovate in the approach or orientation to customers and in the positioning of Marketing. Position in a new way
  • Innovate in internal processes. Do things differently.


  • Introduction. The basic processes. Innovation as a process. Program Management.
  • Structuring the innovation process and support processes.
  • Appropriate and selected techniques and tools.
  • Support Processes: Product Strategy, Portfolio Management, Technology Management.
  • Program Management. Sets of projects.
  • Take advantage of potential for specialization and innovation.
  • Knowledge Management.
  • Management commitment. Process integration.
  • Culture of change. Implementation and implementation.
  • Sustain the improvements acquired. Conclusions


Francesc Guell is the owner of this site. He was CEO and director of international companies in specialty chemicals and pharmaceuticals. The last 12 years was associated with international consulting groups, providing advice and support to businesses on topics such as innovation and agile innovation processes, operational excellence, knowledge management, change management, strategy and integrated business management. Currently creates and presents courses and workshops on these topics. He graduated as a chemical engineer, postgraduate from ESADE Business School in Business Administration and Master in Knowledge Management. He participated in numerous programs, seminars and ESADE, IESE, EADA, APD and MCE (Management Centre Europe). He is author of articles, presentations and courses on innovation in strategic management, integrated business models, knowledge management, performance measurement, change management and excellence in business processes. See more in: Professional Profile