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Agile Innovation Management Course 2020

Innovation + Agility = Agile Innovation


Implement, manage and improve an agile innovation process:

The course covers the practical aspects of agile innovation management. Specifically:

  • The innovation process. Innovation and agility
  • The nine key elements:
    • Organisational elements
    • Support processes
  • “Design thinking” vs. Technological innovation. Practical elements of the “push” and “pull” models of innovation. Integration of both.
  • How to eliminate barriers to innovation. Personal, internal and external barriers.
  • Innovation is change. Practice of change management.
  • Innovation evaluation. How can we evaluate our innovative culture and how do we measure the agile innovation process.
  • Innovation and performance.
  • Creating culture of innovation.
  • The internal processes. Integration into a single management process.

International experience:

Both the course and the additional support are based on international experience and excellence. Many proven ideas and experiences are presented to be implement ed when returning to your organization.

In addition, we help you identify barriers, habits and paradigms that oppose innovation and work with an evaluation tool to define actions.

The Course:

The course has been running since 2006 and is redesigned and perfected annually from the experiences with the participating companies. (See references)

The work methodology includes meeting with the companies before and after the course, first to detect the expectations and priorities of each company or organisation. The final meeting will serve to guide and help the participants to take full advantage of their implementation actions.

Course program:

  1. Innovation and performance. Creating value from the beginning. Initial self evaluation.
  2. Strategy & innovation. Structuring the process.
  3. The 9 key elements and Support processes.
  4. Agile Innovation.  Lean Processes. Lean startup.
  5. Open Innovation. Ideas and opportunities generation and selection.
  6. Design and “Design Thinking” vs. Technological innovation.
  7. Projects and program management.  Methodologies PMBOK, tools: PRINCE2 and agile management SCRUM.
  8. Eliminating barriers  to innovation.
  9. Management of intangibles. The invisible balance sheet. Knowledge management.
  10. How to measure innovation? Measures and performance indicators. Evaluation tool, 6 and 12 axes.
  11. Innovation is change. Management commitment. Innovation Culture.
  12. Sustaining acquired improvements.  Practice on Evaluation tool. Conclusions.

Information an registration:

From September 2020 the course is organized on demand for groups of between 6 and 10 people from one or two companies or organizations, following sanitary rules.

The duration is 16 hours. It can be scheduled in 2 full days or in 4 sessions of  4 hours.

Please use the following document as a pre-registration:


Francesc Guell is the owner of this site. He was CEO and director of international companies in specialty chemicals and pharmaceuticals. The last 12 years was associated with international consulting groups, providing advice and support to businesses on topics such as innovation and agile innovation processes, operational excellence, knowledge management, change management, strategy and integrated business management. Currently creates and presents courses and workshops on these topics. He graduated as a chemical engineer, postgraduate from ESADE Business School in Business Administration and Master in Knowledge Management. He participated in numerous programs, seminars and ESADE, IESE, EADA, APD and MCE (Management Centre Europe). He is author of articles, presentations and courses on innovation in strategic management, integrated business models, knowledge management, performance measurement, change management and excellence in business processes. See more in: Professional Profile