Agile Innovation. A process to renew the company


The challenge is the agility to innovate.

Is to provide a continuous flow of new products or services to our market segment, or for internal renewal process, or to quickly renew our position in the global market.

It’s about getting the differentiating factor to achieve increased performance and, at the same time, acquire and deploy a streamlined process for this.


Create a streamlined process of innovation that involves everyone.

If already exists, improve it considerably, reducing development time, resources, cost, delays and faults:

  • Development time                 40-60%
  • Reduce failed launches         50 to 80%
  • Reduce investment losses     50 to 80%
  • Productivity increase            25 -35%
  • New products or services      + 100%

As a result, success in increasing earnings releases and new products, improving internal processes and new perspectives.

Having contrasted the process, measurable and capable of optimizing the capacity for innovation and the ability to manage people and equipment R & D & I.

The results of innovation and its three main approaches:

  • Innovative products or services. Do something new
  • Innovation in customer approach, orientation and marketing positioning. Position in a new way
  • Innovation in internal processes. Doing things differently.


  • Introduction. The basic processes. Innovation as a process. Program management.
  • Structuring the process of innovation and support processes.
  • Appropriate tools and techniques and selected.
  • Process Support: Product Strategy, Portfolio Management, Technology Management.
  • Program Management. Joint projects.
  • Leverage expertise and innovation potential.
  • Knowledge Management.
  • Management commitment. Process integration.
  • Culture of change. Implementation and deployment.
  • Sustain the improvements gained. Conclusions.



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