Agile innovation Evaluation: measures & KPI's Processes

Barometer of innovation: A new self-assessment tool.

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This is a tool for evaluation and self-assessment on innovation management and innovation capability of companies and organisations.

It focuses on the areas that we think are the key for success of the process and the creation of an innovative culture.

Innovation is considered as a process. It is the management process that will allow the company survive and grow into the future.

Innovation management is the management of this process and its continuous improvement through measures.

Like all management integrated processes, should be supported by the vision and strategy of the company and its culture and organization.

It is also necessary that the innovation process is open to the outside, and is designed with agile methodologies and customer focus.

We represented the innovation process as a continuous flow: The model presents six primary areas, each of which is subdivided into two, resulting in the 12 areas that are measured in the questionaire. These are the following:

  1. Innovation culture
  2. Organisation.
  3. Vision.
  4. Strategy.
  5. Customer orientation.
  6. Openness to external environment
  7. Managing projects and programs
  8. Measures
  9. Generate ideas. Concepts. Prototypes
  10. Filters. Phased revisions
  11. Capacity to perform and generate profits
  12. Capacity to review and learn

The assessment aims to determine in which situation is a company or organization with regard to its ability to innovate and their innovation management efficiency.

The diagnosis is displayed in two graphs: one 6-axis showing the basic concepts and a second graphic of 12 axes which are the listed above.

The questionnaire is divided into 5 data entry sheets, each with 10 statements to be scored. The sheets have titles related to the data entry but do not correspond to the results of the questionnaire.

The scope of innovation covers not only the development of new products, but also the development of new internal processes, managing initiatives and market positioning, and generation of new concepts and platforms, relying sometimes in new paradigms.

An assessment is most useful when you non only can only see and discuss the results, but also extracting a list of actions to improve and compare it with a new evaluation to be made later.

So if you send by e-mail the completed questionnaire we will formulate a list of priorities and actions to be carried out to improve the innovation process and the results.



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