What do we innovate? Vision: innovation lighthouse

Every process must have an objective, every organization as well. Innovation precise orientation and a direction. Both organizations belonging to the public sector, as well as private or associative, work on the basis that they have a mission to accomplish and  medium to long term objectives. But what do we mean by objectives? ... Where are these objectives explicit? the true ones, the ones that, obviously, will be the framework for the innovation orientation and direction?

Innovate thoroughly. Collaborative engineering.

The culture of a company are the people who in the course of time have been accumulated facts, achievements, failures, major milestones, changes, etc. The greatest influence are top managers, which are observed by everyone, but interpersonal relationships and the way that the company relates with its employees and collaborators also have a decisive importance. Today we know that not all cultures encourage innovation. Therefore, sometimes, innovation projects cost much more to get to reality and succeed in a company than…

Performance measures today

A strategic management tool. To know what to measure in a company or organization in order to improve innovation capacity and performance has become increasingly important, especially from the 90's of last century. What is not measured can’t be improved. The use of methodologies such as total quality management, continuous improvement (kaizen), "lean", "six sigma" and others has increased the need for measures and indicators other than financial ones.

Why good initiatives fail?

Lead the change with agility and success. Leadership is a combination of appropriate decision making and appropriate behavior. Embarking on a change program without these premises will result in a failure. We have all seen failing too many initiatives and projects that seemed excellent, but that repeatedly failed to put them into practice. Good ideas, initially very interesting and promising, are left in attempts, are jammed or do not end up producing the expected results, with the consequent waste of resources…