Happy and innovative 2020

Innovation clearly transcends the economic, business or management scope. That's why it matters. And that's why it becomes a process in every organization, because it ensures its survival and growth capacity. On the whole, it is the engine for the betterment of society. Innovation is the process of transforming reality, which takes place every year, every month, every day ...

Results of European Innovation 2019

The European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) is a well-established tool for measuring results in innovation, developed by the European Commission and with the aim of providing a comparative analysis of the performance of innovation in EU countries, neighbouring and other countries. This website has referred to these reports, with some summaries, since 2014. The European Commission published in June the 2019 edition of the EIS.

Agile Innovation Management Course 2020

Implement, manage and improve an agile innovation process. Both the course and the additional support are based on international experience and excellence. Many proven ideas and experiences are presented to be implement ed when returning to your organization.

Innovation and extended supply chain: Cosmetics and perfumery (& 2)

Cosmetics and perfumery are mature and stable markets in terms of consumption, but with different developments depending on the segments and marketing channels. They show moderate growths on average, but continually generate changes and opportunities in new segments and in the analysed supply chain, with different ways of reaching the final consumer.

Innovation is change (& 2)

We finished the first part of this article listing some models of change management: Michael Doyle, John P. Kotter and Managed Change Model of LaMarsh Global. We continue with a brief description of these and a summary of the practical methodology used for the implementation. We work in three layers or simultaneous levels. The three begin with where the change begins: the "identification" or "discovery" of the very need of change. Education and communication are critical throughout all the process.…
Fundaments to change

Innovation is change (1)

Innovation is a change. Like any change, requires effort, generates resistance and needs vision and leadership. To innovate, change is required in the culture, in the organization, in the strategy and in the way of working. Crisis and recession are also engines for change generation. They are not only providing threats but also opportunities. In many cases, it's necessary to think and act counter current. Remove elements of pessimism, but keep being realistic and almost objective to evaluate the new facts and…

8 views on innovation and agile innovation

This article features eight views or faces on innovation and agile innovation. Innovation is a very used word and in many areas. Everyone seems to agree that it must be encouraged and that all companies and organizations should focus their strategy on innovation, especially SMEs and new companies. But the concept that is being explained in these different areas does not always coincide. I think I should first clarify the concept that I am going to apply here to the word…

We want to innovate, but we don’t get results.

"we want to innovate, but it is difficult for us. We don’t get results." Why?  What's going on? Our resources are limited, we are a medium / small company, but with no doubt, each one is competent in their field. Our goal is to launch new products on a regular basis, to replace some low margin and very competitive prices ones. But the results are not good. We try to formally advance with several projects, but all are delayed, and the launching times…

New Agile Innovation course 2018. Accelerate innovation flow as a business strategy.

This course has been running since 2006. We are redesigning and perfecting it every year from the experiences with the participating companies and organizations. Can be arranged on request for groups of 6 -15 people, from one or more companies or organizations. Can be adapted to specific needs, and be presented between 16 and 24 hours, 2 full days or programmed for 4-6 sessions of 4 hours. Our methodology includes meeting with companies before and after the course.

Innovation needs to remove barriers

Innovation and change. Innovation needs to remove barriers. I am convinced that organizations, and as such companies, behave and evolve as open systems. An open system is anyone who interacts and communicates with the social environment. Which, as a first consequence, is that to survive and develop they must adapt continuously. In fact, in a social changing environment, they will never be fully adapted. The human being is an open biological system, innovative in nature since, in the course of evolution, it…

Innovation in Spain continues to decline

Results of the European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) 2016: Spain is ranked at 20 of the 28 members of the EU in the last index of innovation performance in Europe and walks away, year after year, to reach the European average. Innovation in Spain continues to decline.   Despite the official propaganda, often reinforced by the media, innovation in Spain continues its fall and it seems that not even an awareness of it is encouraged.

Seven key features of the innovative company

The experience as an executive and consultant, working on innovation and strategy showed me how to identify common features in companies that are classified as "innovators" and who have managed to create an "innovation culture" in their organization. This may enable companies and managers who want to move on this direction, to formulate themselves some questions and above all, the right questions.

Even in the crisis, some companies are progressing

Some time ago, the effect and the end of the crisis was discussed at a session of ESADEFORUM,  (Case Studies in the crisis period). For some companies it was an opportunity for progress. Participating were some chief executives of companies representing business success in this period of crisis. In all of them, the key to the success was the effort in innovation.

Why good initiatives fail?

Lead the change with agility and success. Leadership is a combination of appropriate decision making and appropriate behavior. Embarking on a change program without these premises will result in a failure. We have all seen failing too many initiatives and projects that seemed excellent, but that repeatedly failed to put them into practice. Good ideas, initially very interesting and promising, are left in attempts, are jammed or do not end up producing the expected results, with the consequent waste of resources…

Multifunctional teams generate talent and innovation

Talent, multifunctional teams and innovation were topics of the V International Postgraduate Institute of the UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya). The talent: Motor of growth. Different visions about talent, individual and collective, from their different fields and professional sectors in which they work. A day that once again showed the potential of multifunctional teams.