Financing innovation in the COVID 19 crisis

Summary of the main observations and conclusions of the Global Innovation Index Report GII 2020 dedicated this year to the monographic topic of "Who will finance the Innovation" in the crisis generated by Covid19. The analyzes presented allow us to have a global vision of the subject and extract some trends.

European Innovation: EIS 2020

European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS 2020). The latest edition with the 2019 data was published by the European Commission on June 23, 2020. In the midst of a crisis due to the consequences of Covid-19. It is the first time that the United Kingdom is not included as an EU country and Portugal joins for the first time in the group of "strongly innovative" members.

Results of European Innovation 2019

The European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) is a well-established tool for measuring results in innovation, developed by the European Commission and with the aim of providing a comparative analysis of the performance of innovation in EU countries, neighbouring and other countries. This website has referred to these reports, with some summaries, since 2014. The European Commission published in June the 2019 edition of the EIS.

Innovation is change (& 2)

We finished the first part of this article listing some models of change management: Michael Doyle, John P. Kotter and Managed Change Model of LaMarsh Global. We continue with a brief description of these and a summary of the practical methodology used for the implementation. We work in three layers or simultaneous levels. The three begin with where the change begins: the "identification" or "discovery" of the very need of change. Education and communication are critical throughout all the process.…

8 views on innovation and agile innovation

This article features eight views or faces on innovation and agile innovation. Innovation is a very used word and in many areas. Everyone seems to agree that it must be encouraged and that all companies and organizations should focus their strategy on innovation, especially SMEs and new companies. But the concept that is being explained in these different areas does not always coincide. I think I should first clarify the concept that I am going to apply here to the word…

Results of the European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) 2017.

The results of the European Innovation Scoreboard, (EIS) 2017 are presented with a revised system of measures and indicators. Therefore, the results and rankings are not directly comparable with previous editions. However, time series that use the new measurement system allow the results to be shown over time.

New Agile Innovation course 2018. Accelerate innovation flow as a business strategy.

This course has been running since 2006. We are redesigning and perfecting it every year from the experiences with the participating companies and organizations. Can be arranged on request for groups of 6 -15 people, from one or more companies or organizations. Can be adapted to specific needs, and be presented between 16 and 24 hours, 2 full days or programmed for 4-6 sessions of 4 hours. Our methodology includes meeting with companies before and after the course.

Seven key features of the innovative company

The experience as an executive and consultant, working on innovation and strategy showed me how to identify common features in companies that are classified as "innovators" and who have managed to create an "innovation culture" in their organization. This may enable companies and managers who want to move on this direction, to formulate themselves some questions and above all, the right questions.

Performance measures today

A strategic management tool. To know what to measure in a company or organization in order to improve innovation capacity and performance has become increasingly important, especially from the 90's of last century. What is not measured can’t be improved. The use of methodologies such as total quality management, continuous improvement (kaizen), "lean", "six sigma" and others has increased the need for measures and indicators other than financial ones.

Barometer of innovation: A new self-assessment tool.

This is a tool for evaluation and self-assessment on innovation management and innovation capability of companies and organisations. It focuses on the areas that we think are the key for success of the process and the creation of an innovative culture. Innovation is considered as a process and designed with agile methodologies and customer focusand represented as a continuous flow...