Webinar: Innovation urgency

The objective is to convey the need and urgency of innovation in all organizations and in all areas. The thesis is that innovation is key to improving the macro and micro economy, and that in times of crisis, the most innovative companies and territories do better. The existence of barriers to innovation slows down economic and social development in the areas in which we operate. Accelerated and abrupt changes such as the current crisis caused by Covid-19 have further catalyzed the urgency…

Results of European Innovation 2019

The European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) is a well-established tool for measuring results in innovation, developed by the European Commission and with the aim of providing a comparative analysis of the performance of innovation in EU countries, neighbouring and other countries. This website has referred to these reports, with some summaries, since 2014. The European Commission published in June the 2019 edition of the EIS.

Innovation in Spain continues to decline

Results of the European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) 2016: Spain is ranked at 20 of the 28 members of the EU in the last index of innovation performance in Europe and walks away, year after year, to reach the European average. Innovation in Spain continues to decline.   Despite the official propaganda, often reinforced by the media, innovation in Spain continues its fall and it seems that not even an awareness of it is encouraged.

Spain increased barriers to innovation

Results IUS 2015, Innovation Union Scoreboard... In the 2015 report, Spain is placed with an index of 0.385, 30.6% below the European average (0.555) and 47.8% below the leaders (0.738). If companies in this environment want to innovate, they envisage still more difficulties. If we agree barriers to innovation come from individuals, from the own organization and the environment, in the case of Spain, this environment is not eliminating external barriers but on the contrary, are increasing.