Innovation strategy. Either we try to explore the future or will have to adapt to what is to come.

When we talk about an innovation strategy, we can refer to different ways to get to build: Trying to find out the future and explore the different scenarios that are most likely to occur. Be aware of the increasingly accelerated changes in our entire environment, and prepare to adapt as quickly as possible.

Build the innovation portfolio.

Whether your company is small or large, your success in innovation will depend on having a suitable portfolio or pipeline of innovation projects and programs. And also, to manage it in an agile and efficient way. A set of ideas, projects, and programs that the organization is managing as it would with a set of investments, in order to obtain explicit results and objectives focused on an innovation strategy.

Webinar: Innovation urgency

The objective is to convey the need and urgency of innovation in all organizations and in all areas. The thesis is that innovation is key to improving the macro and micro economy, and that in times of crisis, the most innovative companies and territories do better. The existence of barriers to innovation slows down economic and social development in the areas in which we operate. Accelerated and abrupt changes such as the current crisis caused by Covid-19 have further catalyzed the urgency…

Financing innovation in the COVID 19 crisis

Summary of the main observations and conclusions of the Global Innovation Index Report GII 2020 dedicated this year to the monographic topic of "Who will finance the Innovation" in the crisis generated by Covid19. The analyzes presented allow us to have a global vision of the subject and extract some trends.

European Innovation: EIS 2020

European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS 2020). The latest edition with the 2019 data was published by the European Commission on June 23, 2020. In the midst of a crisis due to the consequences of Covid-19. It is the first time that the United Kingdom is not included as an EU country and Portugal joins for the first time in the group of "strongly innovative" members.

The experience of facing crisis…

Before facing the pandemic, we were due to climate change. The planet, we said, is in danger. Our Earth threatened. Now we see that we are the ones in danger. The earth not only is not ours, but in little more than a month, it begins to show us how it recovers, and in one way or another, it is cleaning and regenerating. The experience of sailing in a stormy environment can make us change course if we want to survive…

Results of European Innovation 2019

The European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) is a well-established tool for measuring results in innovation, developed by the European Commission and with the aim of providing a comparative analysis of the performance of innovation in EU countries, neighbouring and other countries. This website has referred to these reports, with some summaries, since 2014. The European Commission published in June the 2019 edition of the EIS.

Innovation and extended supply chain: Cosmetics and perfumery (& 2)

Cosmetics and perfumery are mature and stable markets in terms of consumption, but with different developments depending on the segments and marketing channels. They show moderate growths on average, but continually generate changes and opportunities in new segments and in the analysed supply chain, with different ways of reaching the final consumer.

Results of the European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS) 2017.

The results of the European Innovation Scoreboard, (EIS) 2017 are presented with a revised system of measures and indicators. Therefore, the results and rankings are not directly comparable with previous editions. However, time series that use the new measurement system allow the results to be shown over time.

We want to innovate, but we don’t get results.

"we want to innovate, but it is difficult for us. We don’t get results." Why?  What's going on? Our resources are limited, we are a medium / small company, but with no doubt, each one is competent in their field. Our goal is to launch new products on a regular basis, to replace some low margin and very competitive prices ones. But the results are not good. We try to formally advance with several projects, but all are delayed, and the launching times…

Can we enhance productive economy?

Statistics are showing that the most productive economies are the ones with greater: Innovation and Internationalization. Both require knowledge, effort and some time to mature. It's the opposite of economies that compensate low productivity with low wages & salaries and speculation. Economic system and productive economy What are the objectives of the economic system?

12 topics relevant to entrepreneurs:

There is a rush from all institutions, to encourage people to create new businesses. But in our culture and environment it is not easy for the barriers to be overcome if someone decide to go ahead. Neither the environment nor culture, nor the administration, they will facilitate the process. Especially in regards to financing and credit support. As for the people, what is striking is the lack of training in basic business issues and loneliness that must be confronted with decisions…