Cookies and privacy on this website:

The priorities of this website are:

  1. The quality of content, so that it is useful to visitors
  2. Not to use tools that can interfere with privacy. Therefore, only strictly necessary cookies are used to ensure their proper functioning, and to improve the user experience through minimal statistical data. In no case to collect personal data for monitoring or advertising purposes.


The management of cookies on this website uses an extension that ensure compliance with data protection and privacy regulations: GDPR (European Standard), PIPEDA, CCPA, AAP, LGPD and others.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer or other device when websites are loaded in a browser. They are widely used to “remember” and record your preferences, either for a single visit (through a “session cookie”) or for multiple repeat visits (using a “persistent cookie”). They ensure a better, consistent and efficient experience for visitors and perform essential functions, such as allowing users to register and stay connected. Cookies can be set on the site you are visiting (known as “first party cookies”) or on other websites that perform some function on that site (“third party cookies”).

They are usually classified into:

Strictly necessary:

These are the cookies that are essential for the website to perform its basic functions to allow users to see the total content and registered users to identify themselves and perform functions related to their account.


These cookies are used to store preferences set by users, such as language, voluntary registration, questionnaire data, and location.


Performance cookies collect information about how users interact with the website, such as the pages that are visited the most, as well as other analytical data. These details are only used to improve the operation of the website.

Third party content:

a ) From the content manager (CMS):

This website uses as a CMS.

WordPress makes use of different third-party applications and services to improve the experience of website visitors. These include social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter (through the use of share buttons). As a result, these third parties may set cookies and use them to track your online activity. We do not have direct control over the information these cookies collect.

b ) Follow-up:

They are established by trusted third party networks, in this case Google Analytics to have data such as the number of unique or repeated visitors, and page views to help improve the website and the user experience.

More details of all cookies on this website are given in the table below:

Cookies on this website:

For its own functionality:


Name Duration DomainPurpose
moove_gdpr_popup  1 yearwww.fguell.comIt is used to maintain the preferences established by the user, when optionally registered.
wp-settings-1  1 yearwww.fguell.comIn the construction of this website, we use the content manager WordPress org. This cookie is used to preserve the configuration of a user’s interface.
wp-settings-time-1  1 yearwww.fguell.comThis cookie is also required for the functioning of the website in WordPress. Indicates when the above wp-settings-1 was configured.
wp- wpml_current_language2 dayswww.fguell.comThe functionality of this WPML cookie is to store the language settings.

Third-party cookies:

_ga  2 years. fguell.comCookie used by Google Analytics. It allows registering the traffic distinguishing the preferences of the users. It is used by all sites that use Google Analytics. Google Analytics complies with European legislation regarding the protection of personal data and undertakes not to share it with third parties unless the law requires it to do so.
1P_JAR  1 month. google.comAnalytics. Transfers traffic data from Google Analytics
CONSENT  1 year. google.comThe Google Consent Mode regulates the behaviour of Analytics cookies based on the user’s consent. This will cause Google Analytics to adjust the data collection based on what is recorded by each visitor.
NID  6 months. google.comThe “NID” cookie is used to display Google services (depending on the ad settings the user has at settings.
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