Courses and workshops

Topics of courses and active workshops

These active courses and workshops are intended for a team from your own organization to put into practice the concepts that we let at their disposal. Each one always includes elements of cohesion for multifunctional teams and the participation of all the participants in the agreed and projected solutions.

  • They are preformed since 2005 but are redesigned and refined annually based on the experiences acquired with the participating companies and organizations. All can be adapted specifically to the needs of your company.
  • All may be organized on demand for groups between 8 and 15 people. A program is between 8 and 24 hours, realized between 1 and 3 full days, or 3-6 sessions of 4 hours distributed over various weeks.

The work methodology includes meeting with the companies before and after the course.

  • Before, to detect the preferred topics and priorities of the company, to ensure that your expectations and needs will be met.
  • The subsequent meeting serves to help the participants on the implementation of concrete actions resulting from the course.

Each course gives you many proven ideas to implement when you return to your organization and facilitates the contact and knowledge exchange from other companies.

To whom are destined?

To all companies and organizations that want to implement quick, visible and lasting improvements. See references at the bottom.


A process to renew the company

Agile Innovation

The challenge is the agility to innovate to provide a continuous flow. Flow of new products or services, internal new process, or renewal our position in the global market.

Why? What does it matter?

Harmonic integral management

A structured management process integrating the key company processes. Incorporating the change and modifying obsolete premises, with the latest information from the market.

Who are our customers?

Integrating voice of client

Listening, interpreting and incorporate the voice of the customer, has been an exciting challenge in every experience

Create a new company

12 tracks for entrepreneurs

Creating a new business is an exciting and passionate process that, from the beginning, should not miss two factors: innovation and agility.

A strategic management tool

Performance measures today

Traditional methods of measuring performance have been based on purely financial or productivity.
Such indicators have failed to provide adequate information to take decisions and for the health of an organization.

Change is essential in life

Incorporating change for innovation

Breaking paradigms:
One of the effects of accelerated change is continually breaking myths and paradigms:
Critical Success Factors...

in 100 days

Getting a durable improvement

Implementing the concepts of ‘Lean’ and ‘Agile’ quickly and economically to reduce costs and gain agility.

Are we in a global crisis?

The experience of facing crises

If the environment is stormy and the crisis is global, the experience of sailing can be useful to emerge stronger.

How to improve forecasts

Improving sales forecast and manage demand

Meeting the needs of customers with an advanced technique of sales forecasting and integrated management of demand.

Bring excellence to the flow of innovation

Project and program management

To design, develop and execute programs, including uncertainty, risk management, budget and costs of multiple projects

Apply knowledge and intangible assets

Knowledge and intangibles management

Manage the integrity of the company or organisation to innovate, move into an integrated and harmonic management:
Improve current and future benefits



Almirall – Prodesfarma

Alcahuz Distribuciones

Antonio Puig S.A.

Arbora & Ausonia



Boehringer Ingelheim 


Chupa Chups S.A.

Cristalerías de Mataró

Farma Lepori S.A.

Fenoplástica S.A.

Ferro España S.A.

Finaf.– Farma Lepori.

Fundació Jaume Casademont.

Fundació Joan Salvador Gavina

Fundación Prevent

Galde s.l. Privata

Glaxo SmithKline

Grefusa S.A.


ICI España – Uniqema

IIR España

Inspiralia.- Pera Spain

Interni Grupo.

Johnson & Johnson  Esp.

Johnson Mathey

Laboratorios Ordesa

Legrand Española

Levi Strauss EMEA

Lonza Biologics

Merck Generics

Messier-Dowty Internat.


Persan S.A.

Pikolin S.A.

Repsol S.A.

Sanofi Aventis

Sara Lee

Schneider Electric  S.A.

Siemens VDO España

Snecma Moteurs

Soler & Palau S.A.


T-Systems Iberia

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