Agile innovation and performance… “in harmony”.

Innovation and performance are not contradictory terms but, on the contrary, they complement each other. So that the more innovation greater performance.

However together may produce tensions in the organization, since one is future oriented and the other is a topic of the present. They are two basic processes that compete for resources. That is why I speak of ‘harmonizing’ innovation with performance.

Just because innovation is a theme for the future, experience can be useful, but not as a recipe to apply systematically. We know that what went well in one time and circumstance, will not necessarily work at another time. Therefore, it should be used with criteria and moderation. In many cases, unlearning is as important as learning.

Innovation is the key resource for improving performance. But innovation involves change and is a process that must encompass the entire organization.

In our current environment, change is a constant. It is an accelerated, multiple change, powered by rising expectations, technology, globalization and the diffusion of information. Where a company believed to have a competitive advantage, it turns out that its products or services are quickly transformed into generic and market pressure intensifies.

Ideas are often very simple, but it takes knowledge and experience to transform them into realities:

  • Expertise: Skills to evaluate and understanding of the current situation and future projects.
  • Helping to establish a clearly formulated vision and the strategic axes to reach it. Strategy on one page.
  • Education and training. Tacit and explicit transfer of knowledge between people and conversion of knowledge from one type to another.
  • Regular education and management for change.

The challenge today is building an agile innovation process based on the fusion of the two concepts:

Innovation + Agility = Agile innovation

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