Getting a durable improvement in 100 days

Implementing the concepts of ‘Lean’ and ‘Agile’ quickly and economically to reduce costs and gain agility

And this is done by an internal team of the company formed by people from different departments and levels.

Therefore, each session always brings positive elements of cohesion for the multifunctional team and adhesion from all participants in the solutions and improvements planned and agreed.

A new project is proposed to be performed by the same team, and  will result in visible and durable results in a short time.

Reducing costs and gaining agility

‘Lean’, ‘Agile’ and ‘Six-Sigma’ words and concepts are widely disseminated.

Implementation, if done properly, is important for any company that wants to be agile and have more than competitive operating costs.

In most cases is considered applicable in a production environment, but anyway, it’s equally applicable to administrative processes with outstanding results, so we apply to all areas of companies and organisations.
Outline of activities: In five days, a multifunctional internal team, already prepared, from the thorough analysis of a process that has been selected as one of the major and keys in the company, gets to define improvement project, with goals they are usually an important qualitative leap in performance.
This project became a reality in 3 months.

  • First day: Construction and mission of the team. Roles in equiipo and sponsor. Flow of current processes. Identification of the base process.
  • Second day: Floods and administrative information. Value and value maps. Identification and analysis of existing problems. Purpose or design flow optimized.
  • Third Day: Presentation of results and the process optimized to target sponsor. Construction and operational test of the solution. Conclusions.
  • Intermediate between sessions, usually one week. Flow analysis and comment.
  • Fourth day: Measures and indicators. Modelling the change. Project structure to perform. Preparation of the benefits and costs.
  • Fifth Day: Project planning, action plans, costs and expected benefits, financial analysis, project return, risk identification and action plans.

The project is carried out in 3 months, with the same team to manage the project and with the goals, costs, measures and indicators already approved.


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