Improving sales forecast and manage demand

Meeting the needs of customers with an advanced technique of sales forecasting and integrated management of demand. What steps were performed?:

  • Enter into advanced sales forecasting and demand management
  • Understand the historicals and filters
  • Understand the statistical forecasts and trends. Methods and simulations
  • Check accuracy. Records and biases. Define responsibilities
  • Agree Inputs. Additional provisions. Register premises
  • Collaborative Planning. The supply chain. Exceptional demand. Consensus forecast
  • Management and monitoring of demand. Orders, normal and abnormal demand.
  • Relations with the input and process orders. Check forecasts consume ATP.
  • Lead times. Customer Promise.
  • Define performance measures and improvement objectives.
  • Following up,monitoring and actions

Companies that optimize their sales forecast to make increasingly reliable, perform better demand management, better meet the needs of their customers and gain greater margin.

These are key elements in the relationship with customers and need to be addressed with increased attention in today’s environment of continuous change. Are even more important when the company extends or expands its supply chain, serving a global logistics.

A good forecast is essential for all areas: sales, strategic and operational marketing, development, finance, production, procurement and logistics. Since forecasts are always wrong, one must know and use the content error and effectively manage demand, to provide coverage and flexibility. Reducing the margin of error with regular measurements and indicators, forecasts become more reliable. With increasingly reliable forecasts, reduce operating costs, increase margins and facilitate a better service, eliminating emergencies and incidents.




Companies by improving their forecasting processes, substantially improve service levels to customers and lower their costs in a sustainable manner

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