Innovation assessment tool

This is an Innovation assessment tool, test the innovation process and the capability to innovate in business.

It serves to improve your innovation process by focusing on the areas that we consider more important to the success and to create innovation culture.

Innovation is a process. It’s the management process that will fuel the company to survive and grow into the future. Innovation management is how to manage this process. We have to improve it continuously with the use of measures and indicators.

Like all management processes, it’s driven by the vision of the company, in line with the strategy and organization.

It’s necessarily an open innovation process, customer-oriented, and designed from the concept of agility.

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The scope of innovation includes not only the development of new products but also new internal processes renewal, positioning differently in the market segments or generating new concepts and platforms, sometimes based on new paradigms.

The questionnaire should be better answered by more than one person for each company. There is space for ten answers maximum.

The questionnaire consists on 5 sheets with 10 statements each. You can spend a couple of hours in scoring the answers. Just take the time to understand each statement and its comparison with the reality of your company. The answer should come out easy.

The results are displayed in two graphs, one of six axes, and one of 12 axes that allows to foresee in more detail what kind of improvement actions should be undertaken.

  1. Innovative culture
  2. Organisation
  3. Vision
  4. Strategy
  5. Customer Orientation
  6. Opening to the outside
  7. Managing projects and programs.
  8. Measure and improve
  9. Generate ideas. Concepts. Prototypes
  10. Filter and select. Phased reviews
  11. Capacity to perform and generate profits
  12. Capacity to review and learn

Hoping that helps to improve the innovation process in your company and the capability to innovate. You will easily determine the axis on which to take action to improve
However, if you send the questionnaire answered by email to:

you’ll receive a personalised ‘check list’ with the improvement actions to undertake and the recommendations until the next evaluation.

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