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Happy and innovative 2020

Innovation clearly transcends the economic, business or management scope.

A broader view of innovation introduces us to sociological analysis or sociocultural change.

And according to that, innovation pushes change and change to innovation

According to Karl Mannheim (1), there is an ideological thinking, preservative and maintainer, and the utopian thinking, innovative, which aims to go beyond the present reality.

For Paul Ricoeur (2) both are two facets that complement and confront the imagination with the reality.

According to William Baumol (3), virtually all of the economic growth occurred since the eighteen century is ultimately attributable to innovation.

That’s why it matters. And that’s why it becomes a process in every organization, because it ensures its survival and growth capacity. On the whole, it is the engine for the betterment of society.

Innovation is the process of transforming reality, which takes place every year, every month, every day …

A happy 2020 full of innovative initiatives …!

  1. Karl Mannheim, Sociologist. Budapest, 1893 – London 1947.
  2. Paul Ricoeur, philosopher and anthropologist. Drôme, 1913 – Chatenay- Malabry, France, 2005
  3. William Baumol. Economist. New York, 1922 – 2017


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