Integrating voice of the customer

Listening, interpreting and incorporate the voice of the customer, has been an exciting challenge in every experience
Who are our customers?

How are they located in our value chain?

How to detect their expectations?

How do we understand and evaluate them?

How do we define functionalities?

How do we relate them with expectations?

How do we make use of these ideas and turn them into projects?


How to integrate voice of the customer in the innovation process
Focusing on customers is undoubtedly a very important priority but not very common in many companies.

We recognize innovation as the key to future profits and sustainability. This requires exploring the value chain in its entirety and complexity; distinguish between a set of expectations and set of charges.

The discovery of expectations facilitates true innovations and provides help in developing strategic directions to match non explicit ones, in order to provide products or services and structure the right supply chain.

Establishing relations between the rational expectations of customers, competitive position and current development actions, techniques of integration of the voice of the customer can develop more rapidly and at lower cost, better adapted solutions.

Various methodologies and tools will help us:

  • Identification of customers. His position in the value chain. Direct, indirect, internal, external, key influences, users, distributors.
  • Segmentation of the market. Objectives and techniques of differentiation. Dimensional arrays, Kano Model. Quality in design. QFD techniques
  • Customer orientation. Plan active listening throughout the chain. Strategy. Products and services. Discover expectations. Explicit and explicit
  • How to interpret and incorporate voice of the customer. Affinity diagram, analysis of root causes.
  • The value of expectations and its place in our value proposition. Tree of ideas. Test and selection of ideas. Definition of functionality. Tables of customer value
  • Positioning. Competitive position and value. Questionnaires differentiation. Define a table of charges.
  • Focus efforts on turning and meet the expectations explicit and implicit. Preplanificación. Development of QFD. The house of quality. Determination of the relationship.
  • Evaluation and costs. How to implement the company



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