Agile innovation by Francesc Güell


Agile innovation

by Francesc Güell

Before there was the 'possibility' to innovate. Then came the need.
Later, the need became a rush, and so on until recently.
But now we come into innovation urgency

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Agile innovation addresses the three critical drivers of success: accelerating the innovation process; reduce the risks inherent in uncertainty and engage the organization and its broader ecosystem in the effort.

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The experience of facing crisis…

Before facing the pandemic, we were due to climate change.
The planet, we said, is in danger. Our Earth threatened.
Now we see that we are the ones in danger. The earth not only is not ours, but in little more than a month, it begins to show us how it recovers, and in one way or another, it is cleaning and regenerating.
The experience of sailing in a stormy environment can make us change course if we want to survive or even emerge stronger.


Knowledge in organisations

Knowledge is basic in innovation, but how is it present in organizations? How do we manage it? Should it be the driver of change?
In a Karl E. Sveiby definition, knowledge is the “capacity to act.” that can only be demonstrated with action, that is, with the capacity to do something.
Focus on people


Organizational Maturity

Let’s consider the maturity of an organization as a measure of its ability to adapt to the environment, to learn, to improve results and economic and/or social performance, all that with superior results, in the top decile with respect to the concurrent organizations in their activity.


Integrated Business Planning (IBP/S&OP) Evolution

Since the 1980s, the main business management process for many industrial companies and supply chain management has been sales and operations planning (S & OP, Sales & Operations Planning).
With the incorporation of new projects and innovation, it has become the strategic process of integrated management.
By Dave Manning


Innovation in Europe by “regions”

The Regional Innovation Scoreboard (RIS) is a regional extension of the EIS, which assesses the performance of innovation in the regions.
A trend in innovation is grouping into territories and countries most innovators.
Basque Contry is the spanish community with the highest innovation rate but ranks in position 132 of 238 regions.


Forecasting innovation

Forecasts are a substantial part of any “Business Plan”.
In any innovation project or ‘startup’, at some time it’s necessary to carry out and present a “Business Plan”.
What tools do we have to make forecasts?


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12 tracks for entrepreneurs

Creating a new company is an exciting process in which, from the beginning, two factors should not be missing: innovation and agility.

Neither our environment and culture, nor the administration, will facilitate the process. Especially in terms of financing and support for new projects.

As for people, what is most striking is the lack of knowledge in basic business processes and the loneliness with they have to face decisions that can later be key.

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Tool to assess innovation management

A tool to evaluate innovation management and the ability of organisations to innovate.

The scope covers:

Development of new products or services, new internal processes, new positioning initiatives in the market and the generation of new concepts and platforms.

The results will be shown in two graphs of six and twelve axes, which allows to decide what type of improvement actions should be undertaken.

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The Global Innovation Index (GII) Report, 2020.

Financing innovation in the COVID 19 crisis

Summary of the main observations and conclusions of the Global Innovation Index Report GII 2020 dedicated this year to the monographic topic of "Who will finance the Innovation" in the crisis generated by Covid19.
The analyzes presented allow us to have a global vision of the subject and extract some trends.

Why is innovation so important and urgent in all areas?

Webinar: Innovation urgency

* Urgency coming from accelerated changes,sometimes abrupt.
* Due to the imperative need to develop something new of extreme urgency for the company or society.
* When a company or a country intends to get o recover a higher level of economic performance, growth and social welfare.
* A way to deal with a crisis.

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Innovation and performance

Innovation and performance are not contradictory terms, but on the contrary, they are complementary. So that the higher innovation the better the performance.

However, they can produce tensions in the organization, since one is directed to the future and the other is a subject of the present. There are two basic processes that compete for resources. That is why I speak of 'harmonizing' innovation with performance.

Innovation is the fundamental resource to improve performance. But innovation is a change and it is a process that must be covered by the entire organization.

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The strategy on one page

A single page should be sufficient to effectively communicate vision and strategy formulated through a few main or strategic axes.

That's why we present a model that is:

* A way to express the vision and strategy in a clear and summarized way.

* A tool to help SMEs.

* An efficient formulation with limited time and resources.

* A guide to define the strategic axes and clear objectives.

* Simplify communication.

* The construction is based on what we call "Strategy Tree".

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If we say to innovate is to bring good ideas to reality, with success and continuously, then is not the result of genius, chance or luck, it's a process. A process that is designed, implemented and improved in all companies and organizations and favors the creation of an innovative culture.
Innovating is no longer an option, it is imperative and it means:
.-Do something new. Innovate in products or services.
- Positioning in the market or segment in a different or new way. Innovate in the value proposition and in the positioning in the market.
- Do things differently. Innovate internal processes.
- Change paradigm. Create a new "mental model" or category.

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Innovation + Agility = Agile Innovation

Agile Innovation Management Course 2020

From September 2020 is organized for groups of between 6 and 10 people from one or two organizations, following the sanitary norms.

The duration is 16 hours. It can be scheduled in 2 full days or in 4 sessions of 4 hours.


Courses and active workshops

These active courses and workshops are intended for a team from your own organization to put into practice the concepts that we let at their disposal.

They are preformed since 2005 but are redesigned and refined annually based on the experiences acquired with the participating companies and organizations. All can be adapted specifically to the needs of your company.

Topics of courses and workshops

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