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Innovating is an urgency

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Agile innovation addresses the three critical engines of success:
* Accelerate processes
* Reduce the risks inherent to uncertainty
* Engage the organization and its ecosystem in the innovation effort

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The agile enterprise

‘Lean’ origins. 
Since Toyota introduced its “TPS” (Toyota Production System) back in 1975 with its performance and success, the term “lean” spread rapidly around the world. Now applies not only in production or in industrial environment but also in companies and organizations of all kinds.

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Performance measures today

A strategic management tool.
To know what to measure in a company or organization in order to improve innovation capacity and performance has become increasingly important, especially from the 90’s of last century.
What is not measured can’t be improved. The use of methodologies such as total quality management, continuous improvement (kaizen), “lean”, “six sigma” and others has increased the need for measures and indicators other than financial ones.

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Incorporating the change for innovation

Change is essential in life.
Is the standard in all processes, biological, social and human. The abnormal would be “no change”.
The difference in today world is the multiplicity and rate of change…the accelerated change.
Breaking paradigms…

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Project and program management

Bring excellence to the flow of projects and programs.
Signs that something must be done…
Unfortunately, many projects are completed late, outweigh the costs and fail to meet the objectives.
Much effort is devoted to monitoring and coordination between the different responsible and yet not get an effective complement deadlines. The costs soar.

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Innovation and ‘learning organisation” (& 2)

A company is active in one or more market segments where it offers its products and / or services. This also interacts with other actors present in the same segment, some of them competitors.
A simple scheme used to summarize the different positions is as follows…

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Innovation and ‘learning organisation’ (1)

The emergence of innovation is linked to the action of two engines:
°         Responding to needs identified in the market. This is often called ‘Pull’ mode.
°         The other motor is imposed by the application of new technologies to market. This is often called “Push” mode.
The concept of open innovation came to be a new innovation strategy under which …

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12 topics for entrepreneurs

Creating a new company is an exciting process in which, from the beginning, two factors should not be missing: innovation and agility.
Our environment and culture do not make this process too easy.
As for people, what is most striking is the lack of training in basic business issues and the loneliness with which they must face decisions that may later prove to be key.

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Tool to assess innovation management

A tool for evaluating innovation management and organizations ability to innovate. It serves to improve your innovation process.
It focuses attention on the areas important to the success of the process and the creation of innovation culture.

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The Global Innovation Index (GII) Report, 2020.

Financing innovation in the COVID 19 crisis

Summary of the main observations and conclusions of the Global Innovation Index Report GII 2020 dedicated this year to the monographic topic of "Who will finance the Innovation" in the crisis generated by Covid19.
The analyzes presented allow us to have a global vision of the subject and extract some trends.


Innovation and performance

Innovation and performance are not contradictory terms, but on the contrary, they complement each other. So the more innovation, the higher the performance.
However, they can produce tensions in the organization, since one is directed to the future and the other is an issue of the present. They are two basic processes that compete for resources.

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The strategy on one page

A single page should suffice to effectively communicate the vision and strategy formulated through main strategic axes.
That is why we present a model that is a way to express the vision and strategy in a clear and summarized way and a guide to define the strategic axes and clear objectives.

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Innovating is making good ideas come true, successfully and continuously.
Innovating, therefore, is not the result of genius, chance or luck, it is a process. A process that can be designed, implemented and improved in all organizations and companies. A process that favors the creation of an "innovative culture".

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Innovation + Agility = Agile Innovation

Agility is introducing the concept of value and flow in all processes, freeing up resources and integrating them especially in the innovation process.
Agile Innovation addresses the three critical engines of success: 1) Accelerate the process, 2) Reduce the risks inherent to uncertainty, and 3) Engage the organization and its ecosystem in the innovation effort.

Measures and indicators

Topics related to the evaluation of processes and especially the innovation process. International comparatives.
Performance measures are a strategic management tool. Measure to improve innovation capacity and performance and compare.

Innovation: Key to productive economy

Innovation is key to the survival and growth of companies and all types of organizations.
At the macroeconomic level, the most competitive and sustainable economies are those that are based on innovation.

Create a company, innovation and agility from the beginning

Education in basic business topics is the key to the survival, continuity and growth of start-ups.
Creating a new company is an exciting and difficult process in our environment. The good ideas are there, but there are also often significant barriers.

European and global indicators

We follow the results and comparative methodologies of innovation in different countries and environments, with a global perspective.
We present summaries of the 'European Innovation Scoreboard', EIS. (European Innovation Scoreboard) and the annual reports of the Global Innovation Index (GII).

Innovation is change

Like all change, it requires effort, generates resistance and requires vision and leadership.
Change management models are actually similar. In general, the practice of adapting to each type of organization is what leads to success.

The impulse or 'push' to innovation

It is about applying new scientific advances and technological developments to products and services for their introduction into the market.
The other side of innovation based on customer and market needs. R&D and technological development are key drivers for innovation. Successful innovation often requires an interaction between the two.

Innovation is a process

The strategic process for the future, which manages a flow of projects and programs selected from the generation of ideas.
Your success in innovation will depend on having an innovation portfolio, based on innovative strategy.
Agile Innovation Course 2021

Online. Live, interactive

Webinar interactive:
5 modules of 3 hours
With practical exercises

International experience:
Both the course and the additional support are based on international experience and excellence.
There are many proven ideas and experiences that you can implement in your organization.

Objective: to implement, improve and accelerate the agile innovation management process

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Courses and active workshops

These active courses and workshops are intended for a team from your own organization to put into practice the concepts that we let at their disposal.

They are preformed since 2005 but are redesigned and refined annually based on the experiences acquired with the participating companies and organizations. All can be adapted specifically to the needs of your company.

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