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Webinar: Innovation urgency

Why is it so important and urgent to promote innovation in all areas?

Before there was the ‘possibility’ to innovate. Then came the need.
Later, the need became a rush, and so on until recently.
But now we come into innovation urgency

The three critical drivers of innovation success must be addressed: accelerating the process, reducing the risks inherent in uncertainty, and engaging the organization and its broader ecosystem in the innovation effort.

I would like to thank ACCID, Acció Preventiva, Responsablia and APDO for organizing this Webinar.

There is a broad consensus that innovation together with internationalization are key to the survival and growth of companies. But it seems that it is not quite put into practice. Recognizing and removing the barriers to innovation is valid not only for companies but also for all types of organizations, as well as for territories, countries and regions.

These are the objectives and summary of the webinar content, with the ideas and hypotheses to be transmitted:

  1. Convey the need and urgency of innovation in all organizations and in all areas. An introduction to the concept of “innovate” and the concept of “Emergency Innovation”
  2. Present the thesis that innovation is key to improving the macro and micro economy, and that in times of crisis, companies that rely on innovation as a strategy fare better.
  3. See how we are (Pre Covid), in innovation in our country, in the European and global environment. See the differences in the innovative culture and how we evaluate innovation, both in companies and at the macroeconomic level.
  4. The existence of barriers to innovation and what barriers stop its development in the social, economic and cultural environment in which we operate.
  5. The current crisis caused by Covid-19 has catalyzed “emergency innovation” and how accelerated and abrupt changes make innovation and its financing more necessary, with the prospects in times of crisis.
  6. How can we accelerate our innovation process and extend the critical mass of innovative companies in our environment. The integration of all areas of the organization in the process and in the macroeconomic environment in this effort and in all areas and sectors.

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